How do surveys work?

Earn points each time you take a survey. You can use these points to claim various types of digital rewards such as gift cards



How to get Started

Our top-earning members complete a lot of surveys daily. They share their opinion and they get paid for it. To start answering surveys, here's what you need to do:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  3. Complete your "About Me" section. Having a completely filled out About Me section enables us to better match you with more surveys.
  4. Go to "Surveys" on the left side of the member's area. 
  5. You may also scroll down to the bottom part of the page, select "Answer Survey" under "Ways to Earn." 
  6. Select a survey provider: survey routers, survey walls, and premium surveys.
  7. Answer follow-up questionnaires.
  8. Get routed or select surveys you are qualified for.
  9. Start answering matched surveys.

Points are credited to your account after completion. Some providers such as CPX Research still award points even in cases of disqualification or partial completion.

Earn enough points to claim rewards such as gift cards and cash in our Reward Store

Types of Survey Providers

We offer three different types of survey providers: Survey Routers, Survey Walls, and Premium Surveys.

Survey Routers

Survey Routers serve as portals to the many surveys provided by our partner companies. You must complete a new set of questionnaires asking for your age, gender, location, profession, and other necessary information. Once done, the router automatically redirects you to surveys that match with your information. Dynata, YourSurvey, and other survey routers will continuously direct you to surveys you are qualified for, so you can earn as many points as you can.

Survey Walls

Survey Walls also require you to answer a few more questions about your age, gender, and other personal information. However, unlike survey routers, you won’t automatically get redirected to a survey. Instead, you will see survey listings looking for people within your demographic. This enables you to have the option to choose. Our survey walls include PeanutLabs, Yuno, CPX Research, and Revenue Wall

CPX Research gives out partial points even if you get disqualified from surveys. You don’t need to worry if you find yourself disqualified. CPX Research ensures that your time gets paid still. 

Premium Surveys

Scroll to the bottom of the survey page and you will find where the premium surveys are located. This is where the “About Me” section comes into play. The surveys match the information you’ve provided in that section. So, better take the time to complete it to get more qualified surveys.

The list of premium surveys gets refreshed every ten minutes. Easily find new surveys when you refresh to make better use of your time.

You can find the time needed to complete and the number of points you can earn in each survey listed. Having this information is helpful when choosing which surveys to take.

How much can you earn from surveys?

The number of surveys you can take and points you can earn depends on the survey provider you choose. Some providers such as YourSurveys allow unlimited completions in a day, while others allows five completions every 12 hours.  

Here's a quick overview of how much you can earn on our popular survey providers:

  1. YourSurvey: 850 points per survey
  2. Dynata: The number of points a user receives is dependent on the country they are in. Members from the US can earn 1,000 points per survey while users from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and other second-tier countries can get 700 points. Any other countries can receive 600 points. For a complete list of countries and their corresponding points, kindly refer to this article.
  3. CINT Wall: 10,000 points per survey


Complete your demographic information in your "About Me" section and earn additional 1,000 points. Doing so also enables you to access premium surveys. The points you can earn vary according to premium surveys. Points are listed right beside the estimated time you need to complete the survey.

Quality Score

YourSurveys provides a quality score of 100 that each participant needs to maintain. A good quality score indicates that you are transparent and consistent in providing useful information. The higher your quality score is, the more surveys are available to you.

Your quality score decreases whenever you speed through surveys and provide inconsistent answers. A low quality score hurts your chances of being qualified for surveys. 

Note that your score decreases each time you do any of the following:

  1. Failing quality checks
  2. Falsifying information just to qualify for surveys. Conflicting information might result in ban or account suspension.
  3. Speeding.
  4. Rejecting surveys.
  5. Opening multiple surveys at the same time.

Panelists with low quality scores are blocked from future participation. Take your time answering surveys and remaining consistent with your answers to keep your score at 100.

Live Feed and Leaderboard

If you ever experience screen outs and full quotas, this is completely normal. Screen-outs occur when your demographic doesn’t fit with what the surveys need. Full quotas, on the other hand, happen when surveys reach the maximum number of participants. 

To get real-time updates on which providers currently have inventory, you can check the Live Feed. You can also go to the Leaderboard under Quick Links and see the activity of our high-earning members. You can check for active surveys on their profiles.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Surveys get refreshed every 10 minutes. Make sure to refresh the surveys page regularly.
  2. Check email regularly since you receive regular email notifications of matched surveys.
  3. Enable browser notifications to get notified right away of available surveys.
  4. Complete the "About Me" section to earn bonus 1,000 points and access premium surveys.
  5. Take your time answering the surveys to increase or maintain your quality score. Avoid speeding through surveys and giving inconsistent answers. This will decrease your score.
  6. Check Live Feed and the Leaderboard to check which providers have inventory.
  7. Watch videos, complete offers, and invite friends during slow days. Maximize the use of your time by doing other tasks as well.
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